The company Prometey ltd. was founded in 1999 based on family traditions in the production of stoves and fireplaces. With each year models are increasing and diversifying to prescribe among the best in the country and Europe. The products of Prometei Ltd are valued and sought in the country and from foreign clients.

Prometei’s family of fireplaces are free-standing domestic heating appliances, working on solid fuel. Designed for space heating, by letting heat (radiation and convention) in the building in which they are installed. These characteristics make them suitable for heating homes, houses, commercial and other sites. Fireplaces on solid fuel water heater gives you the perfect opportunity to heat adjacent rooms with the help of the radiator.

Cookers family of "Perfect" and "Tradition" are working on household solid fuel. Designed for cooking and heating. For working fuel use natural or processed wood. Use of combustible materials (dry wood, coal, briquettes and other), except those benefits and provide the most efficient heating power in such heat.

The models offered by the company are certified to BS and CE.